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Being cases - and the persons involved - of Anomalous Exhumations, including: gigantic human remains (be they skeletal, petrified, or mummified); average-sized petrified peoples and mummies of unusual form; long-extinct monsters; and more, all having been excavated and exhumed from their final resting places, often to be put on display for the amusement of the paying public.


Case Type Location, State Country Year
Skeleton in Armor Skeleton Fall River, MA US 1831
Williamson Co. Giant Skeleton Williamson Co., TN US 1846
Harsimus Giant Skeleton Harsimus, NJ US 1850
Wheeling Giant Skeleton Wheeling, VA US 1852
Schleisingerville Petrified Man Petrified Schleisingerville, WI US 1855
Burlington Giants Skeleton Burlington, IA US 1856
East Wheeling Giant Skeleton East Wheeling, VA US 1856
Warren Co. Giant Skeleton Vicksburg, MS US 1856
North Bend Giant Skeleton North Bend, OH US 1857
Monongahela Giant Skeleton Monongahela, PA US 1859
Mysterious Vault of Jackson, Ohio Skeleton Jackson, OH US 1859
Rock House Caverns Skeleton Hocking County, OH US 1859
Winona Giants Skeleton Winona, MN US 1860
Cardiff Giant Petrified Cardiff, NY US 1869
West Hickory Giant Skeleton West Hickory, PA US 1870
Indianola Petrified Man Petrified Indianola, TX US 1875
Finn McCoul Petrified London UK 1876
Solid Muldoon Petrified Beulah, CO US 1877
Taughannock Giant Petrified Taughannock Falls, NY US 1879
Boots Farm Skeleton Skeleton Center Township, IN US 1883
Hannon Farm Skeleton Skeleton Barnard, MO US 1883
Marble Man of Cow Flat Petrified Cow Flat, NSW AU 1889
McGinty the Petrified Man Mummy Creede, CO US 1892
Pierre Petrified Giant Petrified Pierre, SD US 1892
Appanoose Petrified Giant Petrified Appanoose Co., IA US 1895
San Diego Giant Mummy San Diego, CA US 1895
Saluda River Petrified Man Petrified Columbia, SC US 1895
Luzon Cannibal King Skeleton Manila, Luzon PH 1898
Pristine Petrified Phenomenon Petrified Henderson Co., NC US 1903
Giant of Abo Pass Petrified Abo Pass, Socorro Co., NM US 1903
Entangled Petrified Man and Giant Serpent of the Dakota Badlands Petrified Dakota Badlands US 1905
Kinkaid's Oriental Mummies Mummy Grand Canyon, AZ US 1909
Juniper Giant Skeleton Walnut Creek, AZ US 1911
Crowville Skeletons Skeleton Crowville, LA US 1913
Sycamore Creek Giant Skeleton Sycamore Creek, AZ US 1913
Tioga Point Skeletons Skeleton Sayre, PA US 1916
Jackson Prehistoric Man Mummy Jackson, MI US 1919
Helenwood Devil Petrified Helenwood, TN US 1921
Puckett's Cave Giant Skeleton Steelville, MO US 1933


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