East Wheeling Giant

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The East Wheeling Giant was an alleged giant skeleton that was claimed to have been excavated at the vineyards of Sheriff William S. Wickham in East Wheeling, Virginia[i] during 1856, described in a newspaper report of the Wheeling Times as measuring 10 ft. 9 in. (3.28 m.) in height with jaws and teeth "almost as large as those of a horse." No further information has been found regarding the claim at this time.

Another excavation of a similar kind, the Wheeling Giant, was reportedly made nearby four years earlier in 1852.

Press Coverage

  • "Skeleton of a Giant Found.", American Advocate (Kinston, NC): 3, 4 Dec. 1856,, "A day or two since, says the Wheeling Times, some workmen engaged in subsoiling the grounds of Sheriff Wickham at his vineyard in East Wheeling came across a human skeleton. Although much decayed, there was little difficulty in identifying it by placing the bones, which could not have belonged to other than a human body, in their original position. The impression made by the skeleton in the earth, and the skeleton itself, were measured by the Sheriff and a brother in the craft locale, both of whom were prepared to swear that it was ten feet and nine inches in length. It’s jaws and teeth were almost as large as those of a horse. - The bones are to be seen at the Sheriff's office." 


  1. East Wheeling, formerly in Virginia, joined West Virginia in 1861.