Harsimus Giant

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The Harsimus Giant was an alleged giant skeleton that was claimed to have been excavated at the farm of Abram Quick Garretson[i] in Harsimus, New Jersey during 1850, described in a newspaper report of the Carolina Watchman (Salisbury, NC) as measuring 8 feet (2.44m) in height and embedded in large oyster shells. No further information has been found regarding the claim at this time.

Press Coverage

  • "A Giant of the Olden Time", Carolina Watchman (Salisbury, NC): 2, 9 Apr. 1850,, "A human skeleton of unusual size was discovered the other day at Harsimus in New Jersey by a Mr. Bliven, who was grading near the house of Judge Garreston. The Jersey City Telegraph says: "It was found about nine feet under ground, imbedded in several bushels of exceedingly large oyster shells, much larger than any to be found in our waters. They are doubtless the remains of an Indian of immense stature, as, from the appearance of the skeleton, he must, when living, have been over eight feet high. The skull measures fifteen inches from the roof of the nose over the top, to the base of the occipital bone, and is two feet in circumference. It contains a full set of teeth (except one), even, sound, and white. Mr. Bliven informs us that he has found a great number of skeletons in that vicinity, similarly buried (in sitting posture) but none as large as this. This mode of burial is conclusive evidence that they are remains of Indians, but when they were interred is a question for antiquarians to answer. This section of New Jersey was settled by the whites in 1624, and the 'red men,' it is not probable, remained here very long after that event."