Warren Co. Giant

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The Warren Co. Giant was an alleged giant skeleton that was claimed to have been excavated at Vicksburg, Mississippi during 1856, described in a newspaper report of the Vicksburg Whig as measuring 7 ft. 3 in. (2.2 m.) in height with jaws and teeth "almost as large as those of a horse." No further information has been found regarding the claim at this time.

Press Coverage

  • "Indian Antiquities.", New Orleans Crescent (New Orleans, LA): 2, 26 May 1856,, "One huge warrior measured, as he lay in the bosom of mother earth, 7 feet 3 inches in length, while his arms and legs gave unerring token that his size was in due proportion to his Anak height. That he was a warrior we take for granted, for the arrowhead still remaining in the cleft of his skull, indicates that he died a violent death, and that a warrior's weapon had freed a warrior's soul. Grim and ghastly as he lay, with the barbaric ornaments of his race upon his neck and arms and ankles, with the hideous war paint upon his face, on that last day, with wail and song he was consigned to his forest tomb; so looked he when a race of which he never dreamed, a few days since they entombed him from his silent resting place near the mighty river which, when he died, perchance, no 'pale face' had ever seen. The beads and ornaments which Indians so fondly cherish, still hung about his skeletal form, and the streakings of the war paint were still freshly visible upon that tawny face, which has so long been the tenant of a grave. From the underjaw now in our possession, we doubt not that he was a man of might, who towered proudly above his fellows."