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Access Logs

The service provider that hosts this website may automatically collect the URL from which you linked into our site, your IP address, and your browser type and version, in an access.log file, similarly to every other site on the internet. Kook Science does not save nor utilise this information, and Kook Science will neither distribute nor sell this information to anyone; however, our service provider may be forced by legal authorities to provide the information under the laws of the state of California.

If you take issue with any of your IP or browser information being recorded, we recommend you browse the internet using a proxy service. There are a myriad of options available to you if you opt to use a proxy, from Tor to Private Internet Access.


The Mediawiki software that this website runs attempts to set files known as cookies in your browser cache in order to track user activity, including, if you are logged in, the retention of user logins and user preferences from one page to another. This website neither uses nor sets third-party cookies, and does not engage in any tracking of users outside the website itself. Many web browsers allow users to preemptively block cookies from being set or delete cookies that have been set, and we encourage all users to make themselves aware of the capabilities and limitations of their browser of choice regarding the blocking or accepting of cookies and other privacy options available to them; for example, you may wish to use Mozilla Firefox with privacy extensions (or other WWW browsers that allow you to block outside tracking scripts from running).

Affiliate Links

Links from this wiki to product pages will typically include "tag=apopheniacs-20" (as in in the URL. A small portion of the sale of any books or other products bought from using links with such tag will be paid as a commission to assist in the upkeep of the site.