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Dearest reader,
We are the Kook Science Research Associates, and one ought not pretend otherwise. The resources we cultivate are not typically in the region of legitimated science, and we certainly cannot promise they are anything you ought to rely on if you plan to apply for grant money. This is the fringe, the borderland, where sense and nonsense are no longer distinct categories, and our qualifications are as worthy as the five-dollar frames the learned doctors and professors have displayed them in. But don't take our word for it...
On our world wide web site you'll find a delightful sampling of some of the finest in kook science and cultural reference. This is hardly a complete index, as we are not Google, and our goal is not to maintain an archive of everything; but it is a highly personal accounting of what we consider to be decidedly interesting, if not inspiring or enlightening, from all about this crackpot world that we've all elected to live inside.
You might think flying saucers are bunkum, that Bigfoot haunts the forests of Cascadia, that everything is made of rays and strings, that Satan runs the world. Maybe it's all mumbo jumbo and we're no better than any other hucksters. We'll leave it to you to judge the truth for yourself. Suggested admission below.

Warm regards,
the Management.

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