Burlington Giants

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The Burlington Giants were alleged giant skeletal remains, eight in total, that were claimed to have been excavated from a vault unearthed at Burlington, Iowa during the 1856 construction of a new building for Governor James W. Grimes, described in a newspaper report of the Burlington State Gazette as each measuring over 8 feet (2.44 m.) in height. No further information has been found regarding the claim at this time.

Press Coverage

  • "Western Giants in their Slumber.", Lexington and Yadkin Flag (Lexington, NC): 4, 23 May 1856,, "The Burlington (Iowa) State Gazette says, that while some workmen were engaged in excavating for the cellar of Gov. Grimes's new building, on the corner of Maine and Valley-streets, they came upon an arched vault some ten feet square, which, on being opened, was found to contain eight human skeletons of gigantic proportions. The walls of the vault were about fourteen inches thick, well laid up with cement or indestructible mortar. The vault is about six feet deep from the base to the arch. The skeletons are in a good state of preservation, and we venture to say they're the largest human remains ever found, being a little over eight feet long."