Schleisingerville Petrified Man

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The Schleisingerville Petrified Man was an alleged giant petrified corpse, supposed to have been the remains of a Native American, that was claimed to have been excavated by a railroad construction team working on the Milwaukee and La Crosse Railroad near Schleisingerville, Wisconsin during 1855, described in a newspaper report of the Washington Co. Organ as measuring 7 ft. 2 in. (2.18 m.) in height and being adorned with a copper breastplate inscribed with unknown hieroglyphics. The remains were reportedly put on display for a time in the local store of one Casper Liver, after which they were to have been shipped to Madison, Wisconsin. No further information has been found regarding the claim at this time.

Press Coverage

  • "Discovery of a Petrified Indian", Weekly Minnesotian (Saint Paul, MI): 2, 23 June 1855,, "We learn from a friend that as the workmen upon the Milwaukee and La Crosse Railroad were at work upon an excavation near Schleisingerville, a few days since, the petrified remains of an Indian were found, and with his remains, relics of olden times. The remains are perfect, not having suffered by decay. His height, at the present day, would be considered gigantic — his body measuring seven feet two inches in length. On his breast was a plate of cooper, on which were engraved numerous hieroglyphics, the meaning of which can hardly be imagined. But they are a record of the past. Could these hieroglyphics be read, they might, perhaps, unveil some of the mystery which hangs like a dark cloud over the history of the red man. An arrow, of considerable strength and curious construction, was also found with him, and especially invites the attention of antiquarians. These remains may be seen at the store of Casper Liver, in Schleisingerville, for a few days. In a few days they will be forwarded to Madison. — Washington Co. Organ, June 9."