Mysterious Vault of Jackson, Ohio

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The Mysterious Vault of Jackson, Ohio was an alleged burial site of giant skeletons that was claimed to have been discovered beneath the site of a cemetery in Jackson, Ohio that was excavated in 1859. The remains found within were described in newspaper reports as being "of gigantic size" and that among them was found a "small chain of silver, with coins attached to each end" claimed to resemble those "in use among the Romans in the days of Cicero Africanus"[i] with undeciphered hieroglyphic markings upon them. No further information has been found regarding the claim at this time.

Press Coverage

  • "Mysterious Vault", Asheville News (Asheville, NC): 1, 17 Mar. 1859,, "A correspondent of the Cincinnati Enquirer, at Jackson, Ohio, gives an account of a subterranean vault discovered there, in which the air was so impure that it was impossible for anyone to go into it. By means of a rake, human bones of gigantic size have been raised, and a small chain of silver, with coins attached to each end. The coins, though much defaced by time, have the appearance of those in use among the Romans in the days of Cicero Africanus, though there were evident traces of hieroglyphic devices that cannot be deciphered. An article in the Holmes County Republican, from March 10th, details that this discovery was made in the local cemetery while digging a grave. The workers had struck a large, flat stone at a depth of four feet, and after the stone was removed, they found it to be the entrance to a tomb/vault." 


  1. Presumably meaning Scipio Africanus (235-183 B.C.), the Roman general who defeated Hannibal during the Second Punic War at the Battle of Zama in 202 B.C.