Capuwar the Two-Headed Giant

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Capuwar is the name for a manufactured mummy that was toured as a sideshow attraction, the main selling point being that it was not only was it a giant, being either around eight feet (2.44m.) or over eleven feet (3.35m.) in height, but that it had two-heads. The mummy was claimed to be of Patagone (South American) extraction, and was frequently hailed in advertising as a former king. It was similar, so far as can be ascertained, to other dicephalous giants that toured the United States of America during the same time period, including Kings Kap-Dwa and Mac-a-dula.

The Capuwar mummy was one of many complete attractions for the sideshow circuit manufactured and sold by William Nelson through his Nelson Supply House of Boston, Massachusetts.

Advertising & Press Coverage


  • "Nickel Museum.", Boston Globe (Boston, MA): 10, 13 Mar. 1892,, "King Capuwar, the two-headed Patagonian giant, the tallest of tall men, measuring over 11 feet, will be exhibited..." 
  • Curio from 'Patigonia.', "BIRTHPLACE OF SEA DEVILS AND OTHER WONDERS OF NATURE", Lynch Journal (Lynch, NB): 5, 19 Oct. 1898, 

    "King Capuwar, the Two-Headed Patigonian Giant," is another new thing in the wonders of nature that will be shown htis year in order to increase the knowledge of the farmer and the Bowery Boy. The "two-headed Patigonian Giant" is a huge bulk, about eight feet high, and is made of a material that resembles the skin of a mummy. As the manufacturer explains, it is supposed to be a dried or embalmed body found in South America, and the purchaser will be entitled to a painting of the deceased. The price of the dead "Patigonian" and his picture is only $35, certainly a low figure for any two-headed man, even if he were not also a giant and a "Patigonian."