J. W. Fewkes

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J. W. Fewkes
J. W. Fewkes - photo at Mesa Verde Dwellings (1910).jpg

Fewkes at the Mesa Verde Dwellings, c. 1910

Born 14 November 1850(1850-11-14)
Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died 31 May 1930 (79) [1]
Forest Glen, Montgomery, Maryland
Alma mater Harvard University, zoology (A.M.; Ph.D., 1877)
Affiliations Smithsonian Institute, Bureau of American Ethnology (1895-1927)

Jesse Walter Fewkes (November 14, 1850 - May 31, 1930) was an American naturalist, zoologist, ethnographer, and archaeologist, long associated with the Smithsonian's Bureau of American Ethnology, noted for his expeditions in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, as well as the North American Southwest, where he recorded and documented the living traditions of the Walpi and Hopi.

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