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Doctor of Philosophy (Latin: Philosophiae Doctor, i.e. Ph.D., sometimes Doctor Philosophiae, D.Phil.) is a degree awarded to academic students by a variety of universities and other scholastic enterprises, offering the awardee title (Dr.) and stature commensurate with their educational attainment.

Areas of Post-Academic Work


Student University Program Graduated
J. Allen Hynek University of Chicago Astrophysics 1935
Leon Davidson Columbia University, School of Engineering and Applied Science Chemical Eng. 1951
Donald G. Carpenter Iowa State University Nuclear Eng. 1962
Jacques Vallée Northwestern University Ind. Eng. 1967
Claudia Albers University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa - 1992


Student University Program Graduated
Oliver L. Reiser Ohio State University Philosophy 1924
Harold E. Puthoff Stanford University Electrical Eng. 1967
Victor Adamenko Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR, Minsk Physics 1975
Zdeněk Rejdák Charles University, Prague Phil. ?


Student University Program Graduated
Raymond W. Bernard New York University ? 1932


Student University Program Graduated
Harlan True Stetson Harvard University ? 1915
Frank J. Tipler University of Maryland ? 1976


Student University Program Graduated
Karl von Reichenbach University of Tübingen ? 1821
R. W. Raymond La­fay­ette Coll­ege ? 1868
J. W. Fewkes Harvard University Zoology 1877
James M. Peebles Medical University of Chicago ? 1883
William Anthony Granville Yale University ? 1897
Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie Columbia University ? 1915
Nathaniel Kleitman University of Chicago Physiology 1923
Georgios Papachatzis National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Law 1932
Solco W. Tromp University of Leiden Geology 1932
B. F. Porshnev Moscow M. V. Lomonosov University History, Philosophy 1941, 1966
Theos Bernard Columbia University Religion 1943
Wilson Van Dusen University of Ottawa Clinical Psychology 1952
Alexander Abian University of Cincinnati Mathematics 1956
E. Otha Wingo University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Linguistics 1962
Clifford Wilson University of South Carolina Psycholinguistics 1972
Patrick Flanagan Mary Stewart International University ? 1973
Ron Anjard C.P.U. Education, Metallurgical Engineering 1980, 1981
Tawani Wakawa Shoush ? ? ?
Shuji Inomata Tokyo Institute of Technology ? ?
J. Manson Valentine Yale University Zoology ?
Anatoli Brouchkov Lomonosov Moscow State University Geology ?
Theodore A. Litovitz Catholic University of America ? ?

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