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Raymond W. Bernard
Raymond W Bernard - passport.png

Siegmeister's passport photo, c. 1954

Born Walter Isidor Siegmeister
6 October 1903(1903-10-06) [1]
New York City, NY
Died 10 September 1965 (61) [2]
Pen name Raymond W. Bernard; Robert Raymond; Uriel Adriana
Alma mater Columbia University, B.A. (1924); New York University, M.A. (1930), Ph.D (1932)
Affiliations Biosophical Society of Santa Caterina
Known for Hollow Earth, New Age books

Walter Siegmeister (October 6, 1903 - September 10, 1965), more commonly known as Raymond W. Bernard, was an American author of esoteric and alternative research books, notably on dietetics and the topics of the Hollow Earth and Agharta.

Selected Bibliography

Thesis Work

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  • Siegmeister, Walter (1936), Eugenic Procreation in the Oneida Community, New York 


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  • Bernard, Raymond W. (1960), Agharta, the Subterranean World; Nuclear Age Saviors: Flying Saucers and the Subterranean World, Mokelumne Hill, Calif.: Health Research  — not to be confused with Robert Ernst Dickhoff's Agharta (Boston: Bruce Humphries, 1951)
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  • Bernard, Raymond W., Herbal Elixirs Of Life 
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  • Bernard, Raymond W., Science Discovers the Physiological Value of Continence 
  • Bernard, Raymond W., Secret Of Rejuvenation: Prof. Brown Sequard's Great Discovery 


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