Raymond W. Bernard

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Raymond W. Bernard
Raymond W Bernard - passport.png
Siegmeister's passport photo, c. 1954
Born Walter Isidor Siegmeister
6 October 1903(1903-10-06) [1]
New York City, NY
Died 10 September 1965 (61) [2]
Pen name Raymond W. Bernard; Robert Raymond; Uriel Adriana
Alma mater Columbia University, B.A. (1924); New York University, M.A. (1930), Ph.D (1932)
Affiliations Biosophical Society of Santa Caterina
Known for Hollow Earth, New Age books

Raymond W. Bernard (October 6, 1903 - September 10, 1965), born Walter Siegmeister, was an American author of esoteric and alternative research books, notably on the topic of the Hollow Earth.

Selected Bibliography


  • "Agharta, the Subterranean World"
  • "Apollonius the Nazarene: The Life and Teachings of the Unknown World Teacher of the First Century" (New York: Biosophical Pub. Co., 1947)
  • "Creation of the Superman" (Durban: Essence of Health Pub. Co., 1962)
  • "Danger We All Face: The Radioactive Peril"
  • "Dead Sea Scrolls and the Life of the Ancient Essenes" (1956)
  • "Entering The Kingdom"
  • "Escape from Destruction: How to Survive in An Atomic Age, Including A Rational Explanation of the Mystery of the Flying Saucers in the Light of The Coming Radioactive Peril" (1956)
  • "Flying Saucers From The Earth's Interior"
  • "From Chrishna To Christ"
  • "Great Secret Of Count Saint Germain"
  • "Hollow Earth" (1964)
  • "Secret Life of Jesus the Essene"
  • "Serpent Fire: Awakening Kundalini"
  • "Theory and Practice of Dr. Rudolf Steiner's Pedagogy" (New York: New York University, 1932)
  • "Unknown Life of Christ: Who Was the Essene Teacher of Righteousness, Apollonius of Tyanna, Who, in the Year 325 A.D., at the Council of Nicea, Was Replaced by a Fictitious Messiah Called "Jesus Christ" - the Greatest Fraud in History"


  • "Are Chemicals In Drinking Water Menacing Your Health?" (1956)
  • "Are The New Super Sprays Endangering Your Health?" (1956)
  • "Are You Being Poisoned By The Foods You Eat?" (1956)
  • "Building of Vital Power"
  • "Eugenic Procreation in the Oneida Community" (New York, 1936)
  • "Health Through Scientific Nutrition"
  • "Herbal Elixirs Of Life"
  • "Meat-Eating: A Cause of Disease" (1956)
  • "Organic Foods For Health" (1956)
  • "Pre-Natal Origin Of Genius" (1962)
  • "Physiological Enigma of Woman: The Mystery of Menstruation; Its Cause and Cure"
  • "Pythagoras, the Immortal Sage, Father of Vegetarianism and Natural Hygiene: An Account of His Life and Scientific Teachings of Human Regeneration and of His School and Community at Crotona and His Nutritional Eugenic and Sociological Doctrines" (Mokelumne Hill, Calif: Health Research, 1958)
  • "Revolt Against Chemicals - The Growing Opposition to Chemical Additives in Food and Water: The Fluoridation of City Water, the Chemicalization of Bread and the Pasteurization of Milk" (1955)
  • "Rejuvenation: the Secret of Youth" (Lorida, Fla: New Age Publications, 1945)
  • "Science Discovers The Physiological Value Of Continence"
  • "Secret Of Rejuvenation: Prof. Brown Sequard’s Great Discovery"
  • "Shall We Eat Bread?" (1956)
  • "Super Foods From Super Soil" (1956)
  • "Super Health Thru Organic Super Food" (1958)


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