William F. Lyon

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William F. Lyon
Born 16 June 1811(1811-06-16)
Chatham, New York
Died 5 February 1887 (75) [1]
Adrian City, Michigan
Nationality American
Noted work(s) The Hollow Globe; or the World's Agitator and Reconciler (with M. L. Sherman, 1871)
Spouse(s) Catharine [Pulver] (m. 1835)

William Fletcher Lyon (June 16, 1811 - February 5, 1887) was an American Spiritualist writer, notably as co-author/editor of books with trance medium M. L. Sherman, including The Hollow Globe (1871), in which it is claimed that the "globe is constructed in the form of a hollow sphere, and that the interior surface which is a beautiful world in a more highly developed condition than the exterior, is accessible by a circuitous and spirally formed aperture that may be found in the unexplored open Polar Sea, and this opening affords easy navigation, by a broad and deep channel leading from one surface to the other," etc.[H]

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