William Reed Hollow Earth Exploring Club

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Reed Hollow Earth Exploring Club
Formation 2 April 1908
Purpose/focus Examining and financing polar expeditions to prove that the Earth is hollow
Headquarters New York
Founder William Reed
President Frank M. Ashley
Secretary Bradley S. Osbon
Key people Walter S. Rockey; Titus K. Smith; Roswell O. Stebbins; Frank R. Millard; Albert Operti[1]

The William Reed Hollow Earth Exploring Club was an incorporated society, formed at New York in 1908 by William Reed and others, for the purpose of exploring the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions in search of evidence to support Reed's claims that there are vast openings into the hollow earth at either pole.


News Accounts


  1. "GOING TO LOOK FOR A BIG HOLE AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD", Marion Daily Mirror 16 (229): 9, 23 April 1908,, retrieved 2016-12-08, "The officers of the William Reed Hollow Earth Club for New York are Frank M. Ashley, president; Dr. Roswell O. Stebbins, first vice president; Frank R. Millard, second vice president; Albert Operti, treasurer; Capt. Bradley S. Osbon, secretary; William Reed, Walter S. Rockey and Titus K. Smith, Executive Committee. Several of these men are old hands at Arctic exploration."