Marshall B. Gardner

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Marshall B. Gardner
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As pictured in "Journey to the Earth's Interior" (1913)

Born 30 November 1854(1854-11-30)
Hamilton, Canada West
Died 24 January 1937 (82) [1]
Aurora, Illinois

Marshall Blutcher Gardner (November 30, 1854 - January 24, 1937) was a Canadian-born textiles manufacturer, specifically corsets and allied garments, and author of a Hollow Earth theory that posits there is a sun at the centre of our planet's interior, and that the other planetary bodies in our solar system are constituted likewise (based on his viewing of photographs of Mars).

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Selected Patents

  • US 1096102, Gardner, Marshall B., "Geographical Apparatus", published 12 May 1914  — Plans for a hollow earth globe with "geographical indications illustrating continents which according to the theory of the inventor exist upon the inner surface of the globe." The globe itself would feature the earth as expected on the exterior, and a mechanism allowing the globe to be opened to reveal the interior surface.

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