Rainbow Earth Dwelling Society

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Rainbow Earth
Dwelling Society
Formation 1981
Dissolution 1989
Successor Star of Isis Mystery School
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah; San Antonio, Texas
Key people Linda Christine Hayes
Main organ THE SOURCE Newsletter

Rainbow Earth Dwelling Society was an American esoteric organisation and newsletter publisher dedicated to the dissemination of information reported as having been received and translated (via psychic means, re: the Akashic Records) by the founder/director L. Christine Hayes from the "Inner-Terrestrials" who live inside the Earth. It was eventually succeeded in 1989 by the Star of Isis Mystery School.

Inner-Terrestrial Knowledge

Hayes and the Society stated that there were four major entrances to the "Central Earth," including: the main two at the North and South Poles, the "Northern and Southern Doors," both difficult to access due to intense spectral-polar magnetism; an "Eastern Door" in the Himalayas; and a "Western Door" in the Andes, specifically the Titicacan Plateau. Further, there was said to be a fifth opening associated with the main four, referred to as the "Sacred Knot" or "the Navel," in the Four Corners region (where the U.S. states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet). In addition to the five main "doors," there were other entrances, including those at: Mauna Loa, Hawaii; Mt. Shasta, California; Mt. Teton, Wyoming; Mt. Hood, Washington; Mt. Robson, British Columbia; among others.[1]

Selected Publications

  • Hayes, L. Christine, ed. (1980-1989), The Source, Rainbow Earth Dwelling Society 


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