Gustav F. Ebding

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Gustav F. Ebding
Born 9 February 1887(1887-02-09) [1]
Cleveland, Ohio
Died 14 August 1975 (88) [2][3]
Cleveland, Ohio
Burial Crown Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Twinsburg, Ohio [3]
Occupation(s) Machinist (tool-and-die for Thompson Products)
Noted work(s) Mechanical Proof the Earth is Not a Globe (1927)
Diagram of Ebding's "hollow sphere world".

Gustav Fred Ebding (February 9, 1887 - August 14, 1975) was an American machinist and inventor, advocate of a concave-type Hollow Earth theory (comparable to that proposed by Cyrus Teed, a.k.a. Koresh),[4] and sometime political activist, having legally challenged Hoover's 1928 election as illegitimate (and subsequently faced an insanity charge for his trouble),[H] and mounted a failed run for Congress in 1930.[C]

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Press Coverage

Hollow Sphere World

Ebding vs. Hoover (1928)

  • "SUIT AGAINST HOOVER", Lead Daily Call (Lead, SD), 8 Dec. 1928,, "A suit to prevent Herbert Hoover from taking office as president of the United States was filed in federal court here today by Gustav F. Ebding, who contends that Hoover has only been a resident of the United States since 1919. Ebding had written works attempting to prove that the world is not a globe. He told secret service men who questioned him that 'patriotism and conscience moved him to file the suit.'" 
  • "ATTACK ON HOOVER LEADS TO ARREST - Clevelander Faces Charge Of Conspiring To Take Life Of President-Elect", Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, OH): 35, 13 Dec. 1928,, "Ebding filed his suit several days ago, setting forth that Hoover is not eligible to become president since he has lived in this country only nine years past. The constitution, Ebding says, requires that a president must have lived in the United States for the past 14 years[...] Ebding said he filed the suit merely to settle a legal point and protested his arrest. 'If these were medieval times I don't suppose I'd have dared file the suit. They'd simply take me out and chop my head off,' he remarked." 
  • "Challenger of Hoover Faces Insanity Charge", The Scranton Republican (Scranton, PA), 14 Dec. 1928,, "Gustav F. Ebding, who filed suit to bar Herbert Hoover from the presidency because he declared Hoover had not lived in the United States a sufficient length of time, was in jail today facing a charge of insanity. The insanity warrant was signed by Irene Nungesser, assistant United States district attorney. The warrant also charges Ebding with 'uttering a false statement against the president elect.'" 
  • "America Or Russia?", Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, OH): 4, 17 Dec. 1928,, "Then in plain words this arrest of Ebding is nothing less than one of the autocratic, unauthorized and tyrannical usurpations of power which is going on in officialdom. The federal government, now constituting a great bureaucracy, is concerned with nothing so much as preserving its own power and authority[...] The charge of conspiracy is perfectly ridiculous. The charge of insanity is one with which the federal government had nothing to do. Are we ready to admit that a man must be insane who questions the right of another to hold office, and one is a conspirator who uses the courts of his country to determine the right? Indeed, one wonders why the Department of Justice did not also arrest the court that allowed such a suit to be filed." 
  • "STRUGGLE TO FREE EBDING IS OPENED, Counsel Will Resort To Habeas Corpus Proceedings In Cleveland Case", Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, OH): 1, 24 Jan. 1929, 

Congressional Candidate (1930)

Ebding ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio's 21st district, being soundly defeated by Robert Crosser, who would become the the longest-serving Ohioan member of Congress.

  • "LOOKING OVER THE EDGE", St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, MO): 22, 1 Oct. 1930,, "Too much time wasted on trivialities. Too much talk about useless things like farm relief and the tariff. That's the trouble with Congress, according to Mr. Gustav Ebding, candidate from Ohio. But the impression shouldn't get around that Mr. Ebding is a destructive critic without a constructive program. If he goes to Washington he knows exactly what he will talk about. The vital issue, he says, is proving that the earth is flat. His campaign recalls the unfortunate experience of Wilbur Glenn Voliva of Zion City some months ago when he set out on a journey to the rim of ice mountains at the earth's edge. Traveling single-handed, so to speak, he was no match for the unscrupulous navigators who defeated his purpose by travelling in a circle 1000 miles inside the globe's perimeter instead of taking him straight east. Thus from any stop it was still a long way to the jumping off place. Perhaps Mr. Ebding's issue should get before Congress. Why wouldn't it be a good plan to have an investigating committee settle the whole business? For chairman we nominate Ruth Hanna McCormick." 
  • "'FLAT EARTH' EXPONENT WON'T SIT IN CONGRESS; Gustav Ebding Piled Up 101 Votes in Ohio, but Crosser Nosed Him Out With 30,445.", New York Times (New York, NY), 16 Nov. 1930, 
  • "THE EARTH WAS MORE THAN HOLLOW TO THIS WOULD BE CONGRESSMAN", The Review of Popular Astronomy, 1930, "The defeat in the recent elections of Gustav Ebding, the candidate for Congress from Cleveland escaped wide notice in view of the interest attached to the general result. Mr. Ebding made his campaign on a platform which rested upon his interesting theory that the earth, in reality, is a hollow sphere with ether in its center and the continents and oceans on the inside instead of the outside. “The complete returns from the 222 precincts in Gustav's district, however, show him running third among three and with something less than neck-and-neck competition between his opponents and himself. The ballots fell as follows: Crosser (D.), 30,445; Bender (R.), 28,872; Ebding, 101.”" 

Cleveland Mayoralty Candidate (1931)


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