U. G. Morrow

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U. G. Morrow
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Portrait of Koreshan professor Ulysses G. Morrow.

Born Ulysses Grant Morrow
12 October 1864(1864-10-12) [1]
Freedom, Barren Co., Kentucky
Died 11 September 1950 (85) [1]
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Burial Cypress Grove Cemetery, New Orleans, La.

Ulysses Grant Morrow (October 12, 1864 - September 11, 1950) was an American newspaper editor-publisher and printer, a sometime flat earther turned Koreshian concave earther, the latter belief being most notably expressed in his contributions to the Cellular Cosmogony (1898), co-authored with Koresh (Cyrus Teed) himself.

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