Oliver L. Reiser

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Oliver L. Reiser
Born 15 November 1895(1895-11-15)
Columbus, Ohio
Died 6 June 1974 (78)
Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania
Alma mater Ohio State University (B.A., 1921; M.A., 1922; Ph.D., 1924)
Noted work(s) Cosmic Humanism (1966)

Oliver Leslie Reiser (November 15, 1895 - June 6, 1974) was an American philosopher, active as a professor at Ohio State University and at the University of Pittsburgh, serving as head of the philosophy department at the latter. Reiser notably proposed the concept of the psychosphere, a field encompassing the planet Earth that he supposed acts as a living memory storage system and influences biological evolution of lifeforms within it, on which basis he advocated for radio-eugenics, a means whereby the psychosphere would be manipulated technologically to promote preferred evolutionary pressures.

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