B. F. Porshnev

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B. F. Porshnev
Б. Ф. Поршнев
Born Борис Фёдорович Поршнев
7 March 1905(1905-03-07)
(22 February 1905, O.S.)
St. Petersburg, Russian Empire
Died 26 November 1972 (67)
Moscow, Russian SFSR
Alma mater Moscow M. V. Lomonosov University (Ph.D., History, 1941; Ph.D., Philosophy, 1966)

Boris Fedorovich Porshnev (Russian Cyrillic: Борис Фёдорович Поршнев; February 22 (March 7), 1905 - November 26, 1972) was a Soviet Russian historian and sociologist who led expeditions during the 1960s in Central Asia, the Pamir Mountains, and Himalayas in search of evidence for the Almas.

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