Victor Adamenko

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Victor Adamenko
Виктор Адаменко
Born Виктор Григорий Адаменко
10 June 1938(1938-06-10)
Krasnodar, Russian SFSR
Alma mater Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering (E.E., 1962); Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR, Minsk (Physics: Ph.D., 1975)
Affiliations Scientific Research Institute of Introscopy (NIIIN); University of Crete
Known for Tobioscope

Victor Gregory Adamenko (Russian Cyrillic: Виктор Григорий Адаменко, also tl. Viktor Grigoriy Adamenko; born June 10, 1938) was a Soviet Russian physicist who was involved in the research work of Semyon Kirlian and allied areas of psychotronic (or parapsychological) study.

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