Kolai Babb

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Kolai Babb
Born Robert Babb Griffin
16 August 1926(1926-08-16) [1]
Bridgewater, Grafton Co., New Hampshire
Died 31 July 1987 (60)
Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Burial Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.
Affiliations Universal Awareness Research Center

Robert Babb Griffin (August 16, 1926 - July 31, 1987), also known as Dr. Kolai Babb, was an American metaphysician and founder of the Universal Awareness Research Center at West Hartford, Connecticut, which published Babb's training kits for seeing the aura, "higher self awareness", and "avoiding psychic attack", as seen advertised in various fringe periodicals.

Selected Bibliography

  • Aura Breakthrough (training kit)
  • Avoiding Psychic Attack (training guide)
  • Higher Self Awareness (training guide)

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