Valentina Kirlian

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Valentina Kirlian
Валентина Кирлиан
Born Валентине Хрисанфовне Лотоцкой
26 January 1904(1904-01-26)
Russian Empire
Died 28 December 1971 (67)
Russian SFSR
Spouse(s) Semyon Kirlian (m. 1923)

Valentina Khrisanfovna Kirlian (Russian: Валентина Хрисанфовна Кирлиан; January 28, 1904 - December 26, 1971) was a Soviet journalist and teacher, noted for her involvement in her husband Semyon Kirlian's development of Kirlian photography, a technique for the capture of electrical coronal discharge, commonly associated with auric research.

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