Od force

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Od force
a.k.a. Odo-Magnetic, Odic, Odyle, Önd
Origin German
Discoverer(s) Karl von Reichenbach

The Od force (Õd, odkraft; from Odin [the "all transcending one"] and the old Norse: voda ["I go quickly…! stream forth"]; also called Odic, Odyle, Önd) or Odo-Magnetic force is a hypothetical fundamental force, similar to magnetism insofar as it has negative and positive polarities, which was reported as having been discovered by Baron Karl von Reichenbach in the course of experiments on the physiological effects of magnets and crystals upon sensitive persons.

It has been proposed by later writers, including the spiritualist Johannes Greber and scripturalist William Sheldon, that od is the life force, similar to the concepts of prana or qi; while Edgar L. Hollingshead proposed his own "odic activity" as the single fundamental force acting on the single fundamental substance.