E. C. Rogers

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E. C. Rogers
Born Edward Coit Rogers
2 February 1816(1816-02-02) 
New London, Connecticut
Died 11 November 1860 (44) [1]
Hingham, Massachusetts
Burial Hingham Cemetery  [1]
Nationality American
Known for Philosophy of Mysterious Agents

Edward Coit Rogers (February 2, 1816 - November 11, 1860) was an American homeopathic physician, abolitionist, and originator of an explanation of spiritualist phenomena that he called "the Philosophy of Mysterious Agents," a hypothesis holding that such phenomena is due to the unconscious effects of unknown but physical, measurable forces (such as Reichenbach's odic force)[2] acting directly upon the brain (which he compares to the influence of narcotics), as opposed to wilful, otherworldly powers and principalities.

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