Oscar Bagnall

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Oscar Bagnall
Born 28 March 1893(1893-03-28)
Berkshire, England, United Kingdom
Died 30 August 1978 (85)
Brighton, Sussex, England, U.K.
Alma mater Magdalene College, Cambridge (B.A.)
Known for Auric research

Reginald Oscar Gartside Bagnall (March 28, 1893 - August 30, 1978) was an English science teacher, biologist, and amateur chromatist, noted as author of a book in the area of auric research called The Origin and Properties of the Human Aura (1937), which built on the earlier studies of Walter J. Kilner with dicyanin screens and expanded to include Bagnall's own pinacyanol screens.

Selected Bibliography

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