M. V. Pogorelsky

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M. V. Pogorelsky
М. В. Погорельского
Alias(es) Also transliterated as Messola Pogorelsky, Messira Pogorelsky
Born 7 March 1862(1862-03-07) [1]
Bobruisk, Russian Empire
Alma mater University of St. Vladimir, Kiev (1890)

Messala Vikentievich Pogorelsky (Russian Cyrillic: Мессель Викентьевич Погорельский [Погорельского]; b. 1862) was a Russian physician of Jewish descent, an appointed government rabbi (at Kherson), an occult researcher active in parapsychology and Spiritualist circles, and an early experimenter in the field of electrophotography (or energography).

Selected Bibliography

  • Погорельского, М.В. (1899) (in Russian), Электрофотосфены и энергография как доказательство существования физиологической полярной энергии или так называемый Животный магнетизм, St. Petersburg: Tipografiya V. Demakova  — [English: "Electrophotosphenes and Energography as Proof of Physiological Polar Energy or the So-called Animal Magnetism"]



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