Clifford Wilson

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Clifford Wilson
Born 10 May 1923(1923-05-10)
Concord, New South Wales, Australia
Died 2 April 2012 (88)
Wantirna, Victoria, Australia
Alma mater University of Sydney, Australia (M.A., Archaeology, 1958); Melbourne College of Divinity (B.D., 1968); University of South Carolina (Ph.D., Psycholinguistics, 1972)

Clifford Allan Wilson (May 10, 1923 - April 2, 2012) was an Australian Baptist minister, archaeologist, historian, psycholinguist, and teacher who was particularly interested in Biblical Archaeology and Christian apologetics, coming to promote such views as Young Earth Creationism over the course of his life.

Wilson was a noted opponent of Erich von Däniken and his ancient astronaut hypothesis, authoring several books in rebuttal, including Crash Go The Chariots! (1972). Of related interest in the area of ufology, Wilson contributed the foreword to Basil Tyson's UFOs: Satanic Terror (1977), in which he stated that the "UFO phenomena is a dangerous evil, a manifestation of Satan, and in the same category as spiritism and the occult."

Selected Bibliography

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