Harlan True Stetson

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Harlan True Stetson
Born 28 June 1885(1885-06-28)
Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Died 16 September 1964 (79)
Broward Co., Florida
Alma mater Brown University (B.S., 1912); Dartmouth College (M.A.); Harvard University (Ph.D., 1915)
Workplace(s) Dartmouth, physics dept.; Harvard, astronomy dept.; Perkins Observatory (Delaware, Ohio), director; MIT Cosmic Terrestrial Research Laboratory, director

Harlan True Stetson (June 28, 1885 - September 16, 1964) was an American astronomer and physicist, serving as director of the MIT Cosmic Terrestrial Research Laboratory during the 1940s, where he made studies of sunspots, radio waves, and various interactions between cosmic and terrestrial forces.

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