Patrick Flanagan

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Patrick Flanagan
Born 11 October 1944(1944-10-11)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Died 19 December 2019 (75) [1]
Loja, Ecuador
Alma mater Centenary College; Mary Stewart International University (Ph.D., 1973);[P] [D]; Academia Gentium Pro Pace

Gillis Patrick Flanagan (October 11, 1944 - December 19, 2019) was an American inventor and writer who was interested in Pyramid Power, which he also referred to as Biocosmic Energy and Innergy, and sacred geometry, subjects on which he wrote several books. As a teenager, Flanagan was reported to have developed a device intended for neuroception,[M] or the direct transmission of electrical signals through the nervous system that the brain would interpret as sound, which he called a "Neurophone."

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Selected Patents

  • US3393279A. Nervous system excitation device. 16 July 1968, filed 13 Mar. 1962. "It is an object of the present invention to provide a means of initiating controllable responses of the neuro-senses without applying pressure waves or stress waves to the ears or bones. Another object of this invention is to provide a means of causing a person to receive an aural perception of the sound corresponding to the audio modulation of radio frequency electromagnetic waves that are coupled with the nervous system of the person."
  • US3647970A. Method and system for simplifying speech waveforms. 7 Mar. 1972, filed 29 Aug. 1968. "This invention relates generally to electronic processing of speech, and more particularly relates to a method and system for simplifying the speech waveform to facilitate transmission of the speech through various media without materially degrading intelligibility."

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