Patrick Flanagan

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Patrick Flanagan
Born 11 October 1944(1944-10-11)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Died 19 December 2019 (75) [1]
Loja, Ecuador
Alma mater Centenary College; Mary Stewart International University (Ph.D., 1973);[P] [D]; Academia Gentium Pro Pace

Gillis Patrick Flanagan (October 11, 1944 - December 19, 2019) was an American inventor and writer who was interested in Pyramid Power (or Biocosmic Energy, Innergy) and sacred geometry, subjects on which he wrote several books. As a teenager, Flanagan was reported to have developed a device intended for neuroception,[M] or the direct transmission of electrical signals through the nervous system that the brain would interpret as sound, which he called a "Neurophone."

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Selected Patents

  • US3393279A. Nervous system excitation device. 16 July 1968, filed 13 Mar. 1962. "It is an object of the present invention to provide a means of initiating controllable responses of the neuro-senses without applying pressure waves or stress waves to the ears or bones. Another object of this invention is to provide a means of causing a person to receive an aural perception of the sound corresponding to the audio modulation of radio frequency electromagnetic waves that are coupled with the nervous system of the person."
  • US3647970A. Method and system for simplifying speech waveforms. 7 Mar. 1972, filed 29 Aug. 1968. "This invention relates generally to electronic processing of speech, and more particularly relates to a method and system for simplifying the speech waveform to facilitate transmission of the speech through various media without materially degrading intelligibility."

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