Lost City of Pueblo Grande de Nevada

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The Lost City of Pueblo Grande de Nevada (also known simply as the Lost City or Pueblo Grande) was a former settlement of unknown provenance situated in the Moapa Valley of Nevada that has since been engulfed by the waters of Lake Mead, an artificial reservoir that was formed by the Hoover Dam in 1935. The site was first officially excavated during 1925-1926 by archaeologist M. R. Harrington on the behalf of the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, a private museum owned by George G. Heye, and again in 1935 prior to the deluging of the site on behalf of the National Park Service and the Southwest Museum of the American Indian (the showcase of the Southwest Society, a California-branch of the Archaeological Institute of America).

Early press reports on the Lost City made reference to skeletal remains found as being gigantic, averaging 7 feet (2.13 m.) in height, while later reports saw these measurements reduced considerably with the largest supposed to be 5 ft. 8. in. (1.73 m.), most of them "rather shorter than modern Americans."

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