Campbell Bonner

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Campbell Bonner
Born 30 January 1876(1876-01-30)
Nashville, Tennessee
Died 12 July 1954 (78)
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Nationality American
Alma mater Vanderbilt University (A.B., 1896; A.M, 1897); Harvard University (A.M., 1898; Ph.D., 1900)

Campbell Bonner (January 30, 1876 - July 12, 1954) was an American classical philologist and papyrologist, employed as a professor and Chair of the Greek Department at the University of Michigan. He was considered one of the leading authorities in the study of magical gems of the Roman period, authoring Studies in Magical Amulets (U. of M. Press, 1950).


Of interest

  • Bonner was quoted in contemporary newspaper reports as being part of a small U. of M. team who travelled to examine the Jackson Prehistoric Man, a find that was ultimately dismissed as a hoax after the team found the mummy's head to be wooden.