Giuseppe Sala

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Giuseppe Fabrizio Sala was an Italian-born sculptor and stone-cutter who was involved in the manufacture of a number of faked giant petrified man, including the Cardiff Giant (for George Hull) in New York, Finn McCoul of the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, and the Marble Man of Cow Flat in Australia, in addition to claiming involvement with other schemes to rob graves, such as that of Benedict Arnold.

Press Coverage

  • National Associated Press (14 Aug. 1879), "HOAXES AND HUMBUGS. Plots to Disinter the Petrified Bodies of St. Patrick and Finn McCool.", Cincinnati Daily Star (Cincinnati, OH): 1, 

    NEW YORK, Aug. 14. — Giuseppe Sala, a stone cutter of this city, and author of the stone hoaxes, the cardiff and New Hampshire giants, says he, in company with others, once had a scheme to steal the remains of Benedict Arnold from the grave-yard in London, but the police prevented their success, and the party went to Ireland, when they decided on two schemes. One was to disinter a stone image to be called the Free St. Patrick on the property of the Earl of Leitrim; the other to dig from upon the lands of Mr. Coleman at the Giant's Causeway the petrified body of Finn McCool, the giant of the Causeway.

    The first scheme was abandoned, owing to a quarrel about the land with the Earl's agent, but the second scheme was partly successful. The grant was unearthed, but the Irish press, backed by scientists, made short work of him, and the plotters returned to America. On the voyage other plans were discussed, among others the resurrection of General Putnam's remains. When they arrived in New York the discussion was renewed, and Sala avers that the feasibility of robbing the Stewart vault was canvassed by the party, including a man named Ford and a woman from Troy. Sala could not agree with them. He says if Hilton furnishes him with sufficient money he will secure the Stewart grave robbers.

  • New York Times (16 Aug. 1879), "SALA'S REMARKABLE STORY. An Italian Stone-Cutter's Queer Experiences and Connection with the Stewart Body Case.", Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI): 6,