Paul Alfred Müller

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Paul Alfred Müller
Born 18 October 1901(1901-10-18)
Halle, Saxony, Kingdom of Prussia
Died 1 January 1970 (68)
Murnau am Staffelsee, Bavaria, Federal Republic of Germany
Pen name Lok Myler; Freder van Holk; Bert F. Island; P.A. Müller-Murnau; Lok Müller; Jan Holk; Werner Keyen
Nationality German
Alma mater University of Leipzig
Affiliations Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung
Known for Sci-fi, fantasy novels; Hollow Earth theory

Paul Alfred Müller (October 18, 1901 - January 1, 1970) was a German author who wrote extensively under a variety of pseudonyms, including among his credits Sun Koh, der Erbe von Atlantis (1933-36; written as Lok Myler), Jan Mayen, der Herr der Atomkraft (1936-38), and Rah Norten, der Eroberer des Weltalls (1949-50; as Freder van Holk), in addition to a series of treatises on the Hollow Earth (as P.A. Müller-Murnau).

Selected Bibliography


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  • (in German) Holk, Freder van (1949-50), Rah Norten, der Eroberer des Weltalls  — [Rah Norten, the Conqueror of the Universe]

Hollow Earth

  • (in German) Müller-Murnau, P. A. (1940), Streitschrift Kritik der Hohlwelttheorie  — [Criticism of the Critique of Hollow World Theory]
  • (in German) Müller-Murnau, P. A. (1957), Kosmozentrische Bewegungsgesetze, Murnau: Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung  — [Cosmocentric Laws of Motion]
  • (in English) Müller-Murnau, P. A. (1960), Why Do We Believe the Cosmocentric Theory to Be Right?, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany: Society for Geocosmic Research