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Athanasius Kircher's map and positioning of Atlantis "from Egyptian and Plato's descriptions."
Ignatius Donnelly's map of "The Empire of Atlantis" (from Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, 1882)
Lewis Spence's maps of Atlantis in different periods: the first in Tertiary Times with Hyperborea in the Arctic; the second in relation to Antillia. (Both from The History of Atlantis, 1927)
Frederick S. Oliver's map of Atlantis (from A Dweller on Two Planets, 1905)

Atlantis (from Ἀτλαντίς, "island of Atlas", one of the Titans of the ancient Greek religions) is the name of a legendary island and civilization, held by some as an allegorical myth, purely the invention of the Platonic school, and by others as a formerly existing island and resident civilisation, now sunk beneath the ocean following a great cataclysm (similar to Kumari Kandam, Lemuria, or Mu).


Esoteric Accounts

Being texts that have been received partly or wholly from spirit or other curious sources, reputing to be of Atlantean origin or otherwise possessing knowledge of Atlantis.