Phylos the Thibetan

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Phylos the Thibetan
Phylos the Thibetan - A Dweller on Two Planets - 1905.jpg

As illustrated in A Dweller on Two Planets (1905)

Phylos the Thibetan (Tibetan), also known as Yol Gorro, is a spirit contact that Frederick Spencer Oliver was reported as having channelled beginning in 1883, and was later channelled by Lillian Bense (a.k.a. Beth Nimrai) and others. Phylos was credited with the original authorship of A Dweller on Two Planets and An Earth Dweller's Return.


The text of A Dweller on Two Planets relates the story of two of Phylos's earthly incarnations, the first as Zailm Numinos, a Poseid (of Atlantis), and the second as Walter Pierson, a nineteenth century gold miner, as well as an account of his spiritual incarnation, as Phylos, under the tutelage of the Thibetan adepts, particularly Mol Lang the Pertozian.

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