J. Ben Leslie

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J. Ben. Leslie
Joseph Benjamin Leslie - portrait.jpg

c. 1911

Born Joseph Benjamin Leslie
14 July 1851(1851-07-14) [1]
Died 23 June 1925 (73)
Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s) Teacher (music)
Noted work(s) Submerged Atlantis Restored (1911)

Joseph Benjamin Leslie (July 14, 1851 - June 23, 1925) was an American music teacher and Spiritualist, being the primary credited author of the 1911 book Submerged Atlantis Restored, or, Rĭn-Gä-Sĕ Nud Sī-Ī Kĕl'Zē (Links and Cycles), a collection of mediumship-derived claims regarding Atlantis.

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