Submerged Atlantis Restored (1911 book)

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Submerged Atlantis Restored
Author Joseph Benjamin Leslie, C. C. Van Duzee
Publisher Austin Pub. Co.
Location Rochester, N.Y.
Pub. date 1911
Language English
Subject Atlantis, the Americas

Submerged Atlantis Restored, or, Rĭn-Gä-Sĕ Nud Sī-Ī Kĕl'Zē (Links and Cycles) is a book by J. Ben Leslie, based on the recorded mediumship of C. C. Van Duzee (reported as channelling Alem Prolex, an Atlantean spirit, and others) and Leslie's own (channelling Kū-lī-ú´thüs, a Phoenician spirit), first published in 1911. It relates the two mediums' received history of Atlantis, including geographic, linguistic, and cultural revelations, as well as general spiritual guidance.



The Nautilius (13.11, Sept. 1911)

— “Atlantis Restored or Links and Cy­cles,” by J. Ben Leslie. It is claimed by the author that this book was inspired by disembodied spirits. Whether we regard the work in this light, or as the result of an exceedingly vivid and fertile imagination, we can, at least, all unite in commending the great perseverance of the author — 807 large printed pages. The name explains the scope of the book. It claims to give a true history of the “submerged continent, Atlantis, its people, art, architecture, customs, music, alphabet, figures, etc., etc. Incidentally the author details the origin and history of many prehistoric relics, images, mounds, etc., etc., in all parts of the now known world, besides explaining those ancient convulsions of nature by which Atlantis was submerged and the coast line of existing islands and continents established. The book will prove interesting to those who believe in spirits and spirit communion. To others it will hardly appeal to any great extent. The book is nicely produced, on antique paper, from clear type. Price, $4.00. The Austin Pub. Co., 10 Arlington street, Rochester, N. Y. — W. E. T.

Mystic Light Library Bulletin (2.5, Jan. 1912)

The Lost Atlantis Restored. Through the Combined Mediumship of J. Ben Leslie and Mrs. C. C. Van-Duzee. (Austin Pub. Co., Rochester, N.Y.). Finely illustrated. Price $4.00.

Before us lies an elegantly bound and neatly printed volume of 807 pages, relating to the restoration of Atlantis, an Island Continent which was reported to have sunk in the Atlantic Ocean thousands of years before the Pyramids of Egypt lifted their stony heads to the skies.

Through the trance, clairvoyant and clairaudient mediumship of Mrs. Van-Duzee, whom we have favorably known for many years, and the inspirational, clairvoyant and clairaudient J. Ben Leslie of No. 86 West Ave., Buffalo, N. Y., a gentleman of culture and scholarly attainments, this book, which is a marvel and most masterly production, has been produced.

More than half a century ago, we read what the Egyptian priests — what the great Solon and the Grecian Plato said of the destruction of Atlantis through some great oceanic cataclysm. Later, we conversed with controlling Atlantian Spirits through different mediums and also saw several of their pictures produced through the medium-artist, Walla P. Anderson.

With the vivid memory of these matters before us, we were prepared, in a measure at least, to receive this wonderful book, abounding in wonderful revelations of a long lost Island's Inhabitants.

And what is more remarkable, this book came from the press about the time that archaeologists and navigators have been finding long buried relics along the Caribbean Sea and off the coast of Mexico and Central America. These discoveries add zest and authority to the volume.

To the student of science and nature, such discoveries as are now resulting to the world, are exceedingly fascinating, because confirming the Atlantian catastrophe and revealing its great civilization. We quote the following paragraph from page 41:—

"Although the twentieth century mortals boast of their greatness and records produced and preserved, yet printed as they are on flimsy paper, many will be destroyed and lost, as were those of the great libraries of Alexandria, Egypt, by which much was lost that otherwise would have linked past knowledge of the sciences, arts and philosophies, with that of the present. The lost can only be obtained m two ways; first, through disembodied intelligences; and second, through archaeologic discoveries."

Books of this character are valuable beyond the pen's description and should be in the libraries of all villages and cities. We both hope and trust that this volume will have an extensive sale.

J. M. Peebles, M.D.

Stellar Ray (28.2, Feb. 1912)

Submerged Atlantis Restored, Or Links and Cycles. By J. Ben Leslie.

At last we have positive proofs concerning this submerged Continent. It comes to us for review in the form of a marvelous work of 807 pages, and is a revelation to mortals by four Atlantian Spirits, viz.: Alem Prolex, and his wife Anstacia, Zerecha Yermah and his wife Erothrodia, also Kuliuthus, a Phoenician Spirit, co-operative with many spirits, who as mortals, were contemporaneous with the various periods of time and events of antiquity, as set forth in this work.

The work begins with a short, scientific treatise on the Over Spirit as the Cycle Supreme; Spirit Soul and Matter as Links Supreme: and Time, Space and Life as Trinity Epi-cycles operating on the defer­ent of the Over Soul by impulses from the Over Spirit in creative process, through the activity of Animation, Extension, Expression and Duration as the source of all individualized form manifesting throughout the Universe.

The principal theme, as revealed, embraces an elaborate treatise on Atlantis, linking the various subjects, conditions and influences into the pre-historic, the ancient and modern periods of time, i.e., its submergence; peoples and civilization; geographic and geologic conditions; languages; alphabets; figures and numbers; religion; enterprises; airships; government; temples; monuments; ornithologic, botanic, and zoologic conditions; arts and music, etc., etc.

This remarkable work is comprehensive from both a spiritual and material stand ­point in the hands of careful thinkers. Many will accept the truths set forth, while some may not through the influence of skeptical or creed bound ideas; but, all things considered, it is difficult to admit that the revelations given out to the world by the author, are other than what they are represented to be. Let those who are interested in the progressions of life, get this book and study any one of its chapters. Regular price $4.00; special, for 60 days, $3.00; for sale and circulars free, by addressing J. Ben Leslie, 166 South Gage St., Los Angeles, California.