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Noted work(s) Submerged Atlantis Restored (1911)

Kū-lī-ú´thüs is a spirit personality that J. Ben Leslie professed to channelling. According to Leslie, as recorded in his Submerged Atlantis Restored, or, Rĭn-Gä-Sĕ Nud Sī-Ī Kĕl'Zē (Links and Cycles) (1911), Kū-lī-ú´thüs was of Phoenician origin, having "dwelt in the then known section of Phinea, now known as along the shores and west of the Dead Sea,"[i] and assisted in assembling the Atlantean ("Atlantian") dictionary provided in the book.


  1. There was known to be a Thracian settlement on the Bosporus called Phinopolis or Phinea, sometimes supposed to have a connection with Phineus, a Phoenician king in Thrace from Greek myth. However, given Leslie's placement of his Phinea as on the shores of the Dead Sea, it is unclear where or what locality is actually meant.