William Stephens Blacket

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W. S. Blacket
Born William Stephens Blacket
c. February 1810[1]
Newgate, London, England, United Kingdom [2]
Died October 1894 (84)[3]
Streatham Common, London, United Kingdom
Occupation(s) Tailor; gas collector
Noted work(s) Researches into the Lost Histories of America (1883)

William Stephens Blacket (c. February 1810 - October 1894) was an English antiquarian, credited as the author of Researches into the Lost Histories of America: Or, The Zodiac Shown to be an Old Terrestrial Map in which the Atlantic Isle is Delineated (London: Trubner, 1883), a book detailing hypotheses about ancient knowledge of the Americas encoded into the Zodiacs and various mythologies, including suppositions about the location of Atlantis, among other things.