Robert B. Stacy-Judd

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Robert B. Stacy-Judd
Robert B. Stacy-Judd - Architect and Engineer 114.3, p. 41) - 1933-09.jpg

As pictured in Architect and Engineer (Sept. 1933)

Born 21 June 1884(1884-06-21)
London, England, United Kingdom
Died 10 February 1975 (90) [1]
Canoga Park, Los Angeles Co., California
Occupation(s) Architect
Nationality British; American (nat. 1935)
Known for Design of the Aztec Hotel (Monrovia, CA)
Spouse(s) Anna V. White (m. 1917)

Robert Benjamin Stacy-Judd (June 21, 1884 - February 10, 1975) was an English-born architect and explorer, one of the key players in the Mayan Revival style of architecture and theorist of a relationship between Atlantis and the Mayan peoples.

Selected Bibliography

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  • Stacy-Judd, Robert B., The Hermit of Loltun: An Adventure in the Yucatan Jungles 

Selected Designs

  • Aztec Hotel (Monrovia, CA)
  • First Baptist Church (Ventura, California)
  • Philosophical Research Society Building (Hollywood, California)
  • Krotona Institute of Theosophy (Ojai, California)
  • Masonic Temple (5122 Tujunga Avenue, North Hollywood, California)