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a.k.a. Miche, mi-go, mirka, kang admi, Abominable Snowman
Origin Tibet
Region(s) Himalayan Mountains

Yeti (Tibetan: གཡའ་དྲེད་; g.ya'dred [pronounced: ya teh], "rock bear") is an appellation for a proposed cryptid (crypto-hominid) of the Himalayan region in Central Asia, sometimes also referred to as the Abominable Snowman (from an early newspaper report by Henry Newman). According to popular accounts, the creature is a human-like (or ape-like) creature of great size, covered with long hair, possessing a notably strong, distinctive odour.


The syncretic figure of the Abominable Snowman is drawn from the mythologies and accounts of the native Tibetan and Nepalese peoples, among others, including the Tibetan yeti, as well as the miche (from Tibetan: མི་དྲེད; mi dred, michê, "man-bear"), migoi or mi-go (from Tibetan: མི་རྒོད; mi rgod, migö/mirgö, "wild man"), bun manchi (from Nepali for "jungle man"), mirka (from Nepali for "wild man"), and kang admi ("snow man").



Accounts of the Crypto-Hominid Research Council diverge from the more conventional narrative that follows, offering fresh perspective on the Yeti question.