Am Fear Liath Mòr (Big Grey Man)

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Am Fear Liath Mòr
Ben MacDhui - photo - Wanderings of a Naturalist (1921).jpg
At the peak of Ben MacDhui in September, "looking across on to Cairngorm from the hill-top": photo from Gordon's Wanderings of a Naturalist (1921)
a.k.a. Ferlas Mhòr; Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui
Country Scotland
Region(s) Ben Macdui (MacDhui), Cairngorms range

Am Fear Liath Mòr (from Scottish Gaelic: The Big Gray Man) is a crypto-hominid or spirit associated with the mountain Ben Macdui (Beinn Mac Duibh) in the Cairngorms range of Scotland. It is frequently described as having a presence that provokes feelings of discomfort and apprehension.