Traverspine Gorilla (crypto-hominid)

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Traverspine Gorilla
Country Canada
Region(s) Labrador
First reported 1933; encounter reputedly occurred twenty years prior

Traverspine Gorilla is an appellation for a crypto-hominid reported in the Labrador interior region of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, so-named for the Traverspine River, a tributary of Churchill River (Grand River), near where it was claimed to have been active in the early twentieth century.

In Elliott Merrick's relation of the account of the Michelin family, first published in True North (1933), the "gorilla" was described as a "huge hairy thing with low-hanging arms" and a distinctive white mane, its face having expressive features, such that it could be said to have a grin; and it was supposed that, when standing erect, the creature was seven-feet tall, and the Michelin's took paper measurements of its twelve-inch long footprints, "narrow at the heel and forking at the front into two broad, round-ended toes," found deep enough in the snow that they estimated it might weigh five hundred pounds. In one notable encounter, the gorilla was said to have used a club to attack the Michelin home, hitting "a corner of the house with such force it made the beams tremble."


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