Rén xióng (crypto-hominid)

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人熊 (Rén Xióng)
Gin-Sung - BSB Cod tibet 807.jpg
Illustration of a creature described by I.T. Sanderson as a Gin-Sung
a.k.a. Gin Sung, jen-hsiung
Country China
Region(s) Sichuan province

Gin-sung (Chinese: 人熊, rén xióng, jen-hsiung; English: "Man-bear") is a name assigned to a crypto-hominid in the reports of Ivan T. Sanderson and others, reputedly originating in and around the Sichuan province of China, described in Sanderson's "Abominable Snowmen" (1961) as looking "very much like a large, broad-shouldered man wearing the skin of a bear, otherwise known as the Dzu-Teh,"[1] and "a real giant, shaggy-coated, and able to stay long periods in the ruggedest country; dangerous, a stock raider, but possessed of an almost exactly human-type foot."[2]

In contrast such reports, the word 人熊 (rén xióng, gin-sung, jen-hsiung) typically refers to the common brown bear, Ursus arctos,[3] despite the direct translations of "man-bear" or "bear-person."