Mono Grande

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Mono Grande (Spanish: "large monkey") is a generic appellation for any number of cryptid New World monkeys reported in South America.

Press Coverage

  • Barbour, John (24 Feb. 1980), The "Mono Grande" (big monkey), "Bigfoot! Fabled creature may be alive and well in Iowa", The Courier (Waterloo, IA): 8,, "The 'Mono Grande' (big monkey) is not as well known as the Yeti. Again while the Indians of the Andes had carried the legend of the creature through their folklore, it wasn't until 1920 that knowledge of it reached the outside world. A prospector returning from the Andes stopped in Panama and told a tale, how true no one knows, of his encounter with a Mono Grande. He said he was walking in the range one day when he came upon a creature that was about six feet tall, which walked erect and weighed as much as 300 pounds. It was covered with long black hair and while it didn't attack him, it stood in his trail, chattering excitedly. The prospector pulled his revolver and shot the animal. He said he examined it and noticed it had feet like a man rather than the widespread big toe of an ape."