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A cryptid (from the Greek: κρύπτω (krypto), "hide") is an animal or plant whose existence is considered scientifically unproven, and may be subject to investigation in the fields of cryptozoology or cryptobotany.

List of cryptids (and related legends)

Name Meaning Type Origin Continent Region Area First reported
Agogwe Unclear; Kuria or Chagga (Bantu) word Mammalian, Homini(o)d Tanzania Africa East Tanzania
Ahool Onomatopoeic, based on the cry Mammalian, Giant Bat Indonesia Asia South East Indonesia, Java 1925
Batsquatch Portmanteau of bat and sasquatch Mammalian, Winged Primate Washington North America Pacific Northwest Washington, Mount St. Helens 1980
Bigfoot Reference to size of footprints Mammalian, Homini(o)d California North America Pacific Northwest California 1958
Bukit Timah Monkey Man Named for Bukit Timah region, Singapore Mammalian, Hominid Singapore Asia South East Singapore 1805
Chupacabra "Goat sucker" Unknown Puerto Rico North America Puerto Rico, U.S., Mexico 1995
Con Rit "Centipede" Sea Serpent Vietnam Asia South East Vietnam
Honey Island Swamp Monster Named for Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana Unknown, Homini(o)d Louisiana North America Southern Louisiana 1963
Letiche Unclear; attributed to Native Americans or Cajuns, conflated with Honey Island Swamp Monster Unknown, Homini(o)d ? North America Southern Louisiana
Loveland Frogman Named for Loveland, Ohio Unknown Ohio North America Eastern Ohio, Loveland 1955
Naitaka "Lake demon" [n'ha-a-itk] Sea Serpent Okanagan Salish North America Pacific Northwest British Columbia, Okanagan Lake
Ningen "Human" [ningyo] Unknown (Aquatic) Japan Pacific & Southern Ocean
Ogopogo From the English music hall song "The Ogo-Pogo: The Funny Fox-Trot" (1924); an alternate name for Naitaka Sea Serpent Canada North America Pacific Northwest British Columbia, Okanagan Lake 1926
Ozenkadnook Tiger Named for Ozenkadnook, where it was photographed Mammalian, Marsupial Lion Australia Australia South-East Victoria 1964
Sasquatch "Wild Man (of the woods)" [sásq’ets] Mammalian, Homini(o)d Halkomelem Salish North America Pacific Northwest British Columbia
Sheepsquatch Portmanteau of sheep and sasquatch - - North America Eastern West Virginia
Yeti "Rock bear" [གཡའ་དྲེད་ (g.ya'dred)] Mammalian, Homini(o)d Tibet Asia Central Himalayan Mountains
Yowie ? [Yuuri, Yowri] Mammalian, Homini(o)d Koori Australia East New South Wales
Van Meter Visitor Named for the town of Van Meter, Iowa Winged Entity - North America Eastern Iowa 1903