Monkey Man of New Delhi

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Monkey Man of New Delhi
Country India
Region(s) New Delhi
First reported 2001

The Monkey Man of New Delhi was the press name for a creature that was reported to have been terrorising residents of New Delhi, India during May of 2001. Officials with the Delhi police determined the reports were mass hysteria, some attributing the spread of the rumours to "anti-social elements" and Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence.

The creature was typically described as "short, dark and hairy, with human legs and an ape-like face"; while the more unusual descriptions of a behelmeted ape wearing a uniform with red control buttons on its chest and wielding metal claws, in addition to claims of it being a robot assassin, became fixtures in popular media coverage.

It has been suggested that later reports on the Bear Man of Assam were inspired by the Monkey Man case.

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