Mustang Raja's Yeti Hide

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The Mustang Raja's Yeti Hide is (or was) said to be the pelt of an unknown mammalian creature that was reported as having been killed by hunters in the Himalayan kingdom of Mustang, a dependency of the Kingdom of Nepal, at the behest of the Raja of Mustang, and which was later housed in a Buddhist monastery in Mustang. The story of the hide drew interest thanks to widespread reports from the United Press International news agency in 1958, in which writers speculated that the creature may have been the Yeti, and that while photos provided were said to indicate it was most likely a brown bear, hair samples were said to be "unlike those of any known Himalayan animal," based on the observations of Marshall D. Moran, a Nepal-based Jesuit Catholic priest associated with St. Xavier's, Kathmandu, and Francis Dart, a professor of physics at the University of Oregon involved with the American Nepal Education Foundation.



  • The Raja of Mustang (also known as the Lo Gyalpo, King of Lo) during the period in question would have been either Angu Nyingpo, who reportedly died suddenly in 1958 (or 1961), or his father and successor, Angun Tenzing Trandul.